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If you are a certified dental professional seeking additional hours or have recently completed a dental certification program and are looking for a seamless and secure entry into the dental industry, we are here to help.

Pacific Dental Temps has developed strong connections and a reputable name within the dental community which allows us to effectively secure a temporary or permament job placement tailored to your needs. Our placements are complimentary, all you need to do to get started is fill out a Pacific Dental Temps application form.

Please submit your application below. We will contact you within 24 hours after the form has been submitted.

PDT Application Form

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1. Position(s) applying for:
 CDA Registered dental hygienist Reception Chairside assistant

2. Type of practice you've worked in:
 General Orthodontist Endodontist Periodontist Prosthodontist Pedodontist Oral surgeon

3. Are you seeking full or part-time work?
 Full-time Part-time Casual

4. Rate of pay expected (hourly and/or salary):

5. Availability:

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

6. How many months/years experience do you have in the position(s) applying for?

7. What dental software program(s) are you familiar with?

8. Relevant courses and/or education completed:

9. At which institution(s) were your programs or courses completed?

10. License number:

11. Do you have any conditions which could limit your ability to perform the job applying for?

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12. Do you have any conditions which could be aggravated by the job applying for?

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13. Are you bondable?

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