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Temporary placements

Whether you need a position filled for a day, week, maternity leave, or vacation time coverage, we are the ones to contact. Wages are non-inclusive and the dental practice takes responsibility and administration of the employee which includes payroll, human resources, taxes, and WCB. There is a separate placement fee for Pacific Dental Temps.

Permanent placements

For permanent placements, PDT will provide you with names and resumes of candidates who are qualified to fill the position as required by the practice. The hiring dental practice is fully responsible for the candidate that they choose to hire along with the interview process. If the dental practice wishes to permanently hire the candidate that was placed by PDT within the past 12 months, they must agree to pay us all the temp fees up to date along with the permanent placement fee.


Unlike any other temp agency, our agency upon request, can deploy a highly qualified person to shadow, mentor and guide a new hire, current graduate, or someone who just needs that additional training, whether it’s a Receptionist, Certified Dental Assistant, or a Hygienist. In addition, we offer software training for various dental programs.

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